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We will meet you at or near your cruise ship whether you are docked in Ketchikan OR Ward Cove.  Ward Cove guests will have the option of being delivered to a Ketchikan shopping area at the end of your three hour Photo Safari tour or being returned to the Ward Cove cruise ship terminal.

Proudly Serving Visitors to Ketchikan & Ward Cove, Alaska

"An absolutely great tour with or without a camera."

Capture the Beauty of Local Alaskan Scenery

Ketchikan Photo Safari:  Spend 3 hours in the Ketchikan / Ward Cove area traveling with a local Alaskan photographer with great insight & knowledge.  As part of a very small and intimate group (9 MAX), you will visit multiple sights to be given the best possible opportunities to use your photographic equipment to achieve iconic photos of these viewing sites, "off the tourist beaten path".  Flowers, totems, rain forest, beach, mountains, creeks, waterfalls, and the chance of wildlife encounters entice us to discover them all.  Join us.

Ketchikan Photo Safari guides are equipped with modern  Ford Transit Passenger Vans for ease of entry and exit and your comfort and safety.  Discover and discuss photographic techniques shared by your Ketchikan Photo Safari guide.  Guest's video:  YouTube/watch?v=4py9bfUysfo

Your guide is also a source of narrated history, facts and stories as you travel from site to site through town and into the wilds.  From cell phones to "point ’N’ shoots" to sophisticated DSLR cameras, virtually EVERY cruise ship passenger is a photographer but you may be frustrated because your friends ALWAYS take better photos than you.  Join us for some epic shots you’ll be proud of.

You may be a professional photographer and simply want to glean knowledge from a local photo guide and have great opportunities to capture some awesome images?  You'll be glad you joined us!

Ketchikan Photo Safari welcomes the novice to the professional.  You can expect 6 to 8 separate photo sites or more and enjoy complimentary snacks of gourmet cookies and locally brewed coffee + bottled water as you travel from site to site.  This is an experience that will be time well invested in Ketchikan, Alaska.

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